The Significance of AGAC Application Quality Certification Program

On November 14, 2016, Huawei announced the establishment of Android Green Alliance of China (AGAC), together with Alibaba, Tencent, NetEase, and Baidu. This alliance will bring fresh energy to all Android application developers in China, which is a very good news.

Huawei is currently the world's third largest mobile phone manufacturer. Huawei is the number 1 mobile phone brand in China. In tier one Chinese cities, high-end business people particularly prefer Huawei mobile phones. According to TalkingData’s latest statistics, 31.2% of first-tier city business people use Huawei mobile phones, especially Huawei Mate7 and Mate 8.

At present, the global Android market, as well as China's Android market, are facing many challenges. The openness and fragmentation of the Android system bring various issues in the areas of application compatibility, stability, security, user experience, as well as performance. At present, there are more than one million Android applications in various Android markets. All Android application developers are facing enormous challenges in adapting to the development of Android system while maintaining the value of their applications.

Huawei’s AGAC initiative aims to work with top Internet companies in China to establish industry quality standards for Android applications, and to develop Android application experience ecosystem to help all Android application developers improve their product experience.

AGAC’s core services include:

1. Cloud Test Platform

Huawei Open Terminal Lab will be available to AGAC members free of charge as a cloud test platform. Huawei is the first mobile phone manufacturer in China to open its own equipment lab to the industry. This move also marks the shift of mobile application developers from adapting to multiple Android systems to focusing on a small amount of boutique Android systems. With more than 2000 mobile devices, the Huawei Open Terminal Lab provides the following test services:

• Compatibility testing

• Stability test

• Automated test

• Eleven special tests

• Remote real machine debugging

2. Android Version Adaptation

As a Google global strategic partner, Huawei has access to latest versions of Android and technical support. Android developers can get the latest technical resources and support through AGAC, get prepared in product planning, development and testing, thus gain competitive advantages in the market.

AGAC has a technical and standards committee, and the following technical groups:

• Architecture group

• Power consumption standard group

• Compatibility standard group

• Performance standard group

• Security standard group

• Stability standard group

As a mobile application quality service provider in the AGAC ecosystem, Dilato specialized in providing QA consulting, QA system implementation and software testing services to both multinational and local enterprises. Dilato introduces EagleTest, the first private mobile test cloud in the Chinese market.

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The establishment of AGAC will bring de facto quality standard for Android application industry. With Dilato’s rich experiences in mobile application testing, and the standards developed by AGAC, Dilato will be well equipped to help multinational companies to conduct in-depth and localized testing for their applications and help them to achieve business growth and success in China.