Agile QA Consulting

Adopt Agile thinking and redesign QA process to increase testing flexibility, adaptability and efficiency


As we know, many of companies are facing the growing challenges of frequently changing requirements, uncertain information, and delivery urgency during software development , especially for quality control and testing. Over years of practice, Agile testing has been proved one of the best solutioin for the fast-moving engineering process as it brings significant returns and capabilities to test team and company.

Upgrade satisfication of client business

Business and test working together enhance organizational adaptability for rapidly changing business needs

Accelerate the time to market

Improved test efficiency with more automation adoption shorten delivery cycle

Save time and money

Enable early problem detection and cost reduction of bug fix

Increase team flexibility and productivity

Consistent communication between test and other teams promotes collaboration and overall work efficiency


Dilato delivers continous value with helping our clients conduct agile testing to achieve the well balance between product stability and faster delivery under the dramatic market and requirement changes.

Agile test team staffing and training
  • Team bulding with Agile expert and professionals

  • Training team members to think test in Agile way, to ask right questions proactively, and to take accountbility efficiently

Agile testing integration with development
  • Adapt QA Agile methodologies for trying to make the transition from previous lagging process model

  • Adapt to continous shortening test window and move up test as early as possible through closer collaboration and influnence with product and development teams

Automation development and optimization
  • Test automation plays a key role in ensuring quicker quality verification feedback and enablement of continuous testing

  • Continous optimization of automation process in test and delivery pipeline are both critical in ensuring success of Agile testing