Offshore Test Delivery Center

Take full responsibility to deliver quality testing for a specified or comprehensive QA domain independently


Cost savings

  • Offer an industry leading quality assurance capability with a third party professional team, which lowers clients’ overheads and operational costs

  • Shift valuable internal staffs to clients’ core business which matters most

Quality excellance

  • With independent testing professionals and quality management, it enhances the objectivity of quality assessment and verification

  • Easier adopt end user perspective during the whole quality assurance executions

Scalability and integration

  • Empower clients to extend or shrink the breadth and depth of testing instantaneously on demand

  • Work optimization, task prioritization, and smart resource allocation management


Dilato provides the test delivery center service to achieve our clients success majorly through offsite/offshore or mixed engagement. The key efforts we do usually include the followings:

1. Design and ramp up
  • General service framework and model confirmation

  • Core and extension team formation and fast ramp up

  • Rapid acquisition and training of key project capabilities

2. Infrastructure and system setup
  • IT and security norms and management

  • Working environment deployment

  • Quality assurance system and project management setup

  • Communication plan and delivery process agreement

3. Operation and team building
  • Production and monitoring

  • Quality tracking management and efficiency optimization

  • Team performance assessment

  • Team training and culture building