Performance Testing

Integrate performance testing into development delivery pipeline enables systematic prevention of overload failure or crash risk in production


Increased income level

  • Rapid interactive response enables higher frequent transactions

  • High concurrent load capacity ensures more stable e-commercial revenue

Ensure stable active user base

  • Faster applications ensures smooth user experience

  • Strong availability increases customer loyalty and stickiness

Improve sustainability

  • Continous performance optimizations reduces service support costs

  • With constant business requirements change, maintaining good performance extends the application life cycle


Dilato test professionals and experts deliver the performance quality engineering services including load test, stress test, capacity test, and continous performance measurement framework:

Performance issue management
  • System level performance problem identification
  • Potential performance risk assessment and recommendations for improvements
On-demand performance testing
  • Customized performance testing engagement
  • Complete analysis report to support performance optimization
Continous performance testing
  • Performance testing framework integrated into delivery pipeline
  • Continous performance measurement to monitor releases performance and provide evidence for planning optimization in long term
  • Performance process optimization