Test Labs

Dilato continously invests in labs with technologies research and pilot to better support software engineering services

Mobile Test Lab

Provide top popular real devices for Mobile applications testing and speed up its delivery with good quality

Nowadays, along with clients’ businesses competing in an increasingly mobile-centric marketplace, the user experience and features quality on mobile applications become more important than ever. Considering a large number of mobile brands and models, Dilato invested Mobile Test Lab to support mobile APP testing for our clients in order to maximize test coverage and minimize compatibility quality risks across delivery pipeline.

Mobile devices with on-demand refreshing
Projects completed with the centralized management platform
Years Development with continous testing integration optimization

Performance Test Lab

Provide an integrated performance test framwork for performance measurement, process optimizaiton and research

With the trend of digital transformation and lots of clients moving to internet-based business, system stabliaztion with good performance on server side becomes much more important than ever, especially when planning online business promotions. Dilato invested Performance Test Lab to support early performance benchmark and risk diagnosis for our clients and also enable internal performance measurement investigation and innovation.