Test Automation Solution

Provide comprehensive range of test automation services to ensure speed to market, product quality, and ROI


  • Increase test efficiency and maximize the test coverage

  • Reduce regression cost and optimize the utilization of manpower

  • Ensure faster releases to market

  • Eliminate functional quality risks for each fast release


Automation engineering

“Still considering the benefits of test automation and worrying about ROI?”

  • We help you realize test automation and identify project bottlenecks.

  • We build a plan and bring automated tests into your product R&D life cycle.

Tool/Framework selection and PoC

“Why it’s so hard to choose which automation tool/framework to use?”

  • We have extensive expertise in open source tools, and also have the capacity to develop tool/framework.

  • We help you select a tool-chain which best fits your team process and technology goals.

SDET and automation delivery services

“Still looking for automation experts in web, mobile, desktop, web services fields?”

  • We provide cross-functional automation engineers to be part of your Agile teams.

  • We have the right skills and knowledge to ensure the product quality.

Continuous testing

“Having trouble in managing, integrating, executing, collecting data of automated tests?”

  • We provide expertise in DevOps, CI/CD system integration, Regression, Performance.

  • We build the automatic pipeline to connect the stages and achieve even better outcomes.


Evaluation and strategic planning

  • Current situation and context discussion

  • Evaluate automation requirements

  • Review product technologies and team process

  • Automation tool evaluation and PoC

  • Test automation strategy

  • Automation road-map

  • Indicators of success

Implement high value and frequent tests

  • Framework implementation

  • SCM and version control

  • Review and re-design test cases

  • Implement test scripts

  • Continuous execution

  • Analysis and maintenance

Scale test coverage and quantization

  • Classify test priority

  • Expanded test coverage

  • Parallel execution

  • Test cross-browser and multi-device

  • Reporting, dashboards and diagnostic

Continuous testing and process improvement

  • Integrate with CI pipeline

  • Test environment and device pool management

  • Collaborate with Dev/DevOps

  • Identify additional quality requirements

  • Ongoing refinement using data analytics

Our Expertise in Automation Tools