What is Katalon Studio?

Katalon Studio is a robust automation solution for API, Web, Mobile and Desktop testing. It is designed to eliminate the complexities of building an automation framework by integrating all necessary test components with built-in keywords and project templates. New users can get started with test automation using its easy-to-use interface and the intelligent record & playback engine while advanced users can design and implement test strategies realizing CI/CD best practices.

Katalon Studio is used in our project for WEB, Mobile and API test automation. We built automated test cases with Katalon Studio and execute them every night.

Jenkins is used for CI/CD pipeline. Git repository is used for managing test code.

As Katalon comes with built-in features a new automation tester can automate easily. Script creation time is quick.

Pros and Cons of Katalon Studio
Easy to setup and quick to get started

Test Analytics

Katalon also provides analytics which tells you the pattern of your automated tests at a different instance of time.

Third Party Integration

Katalon provides amazing integration with 3rd party tools like JIRA, ALM, GIT, JENKINS, etc.

Lack of scripting languages

Unlike Selenium and TestComplete, the only scripting language supported by Katalon is Groovy.

This scripting language is in the Java family so anyone who knows Java can use it. But users would like to see more languages supported.

Documentation update lags

As much as the users like the number and variety of training materials for Katalon, they hate the documentation.

It’s too long, complicated, and causes confusion as it’s not updated along with new version releases. So, anticipate that something won’t work as expected.

Performance issues

Users report some bugs that hamper testing, slowing it down.

For example, sometimes the tool freezes or may start lagging, the text and object verification within frames is problematic.

Mobile testing takes more time due to the necessity to capture and write code.

Not open source

The tool has a closed source code, resulting in a smaller number of developers in the community.

Since Katalon 7 below two solutions no longer free:

Katalon Studio Enterprise: Generate automated tests with advanced features, all-inclusive plug-ins, and exclusive benefits.

Katalon Runtime Engine: Execute automated tests in console mode or command-line interface. Enable CI/CD integration.

Final word

It is an evolving solution with many integrations that allow you to cover a variety of testing types with a single tool.

It is well suited for quick automation and avoiding dependency on coding skilled resources.

It is not well suited for complex projects where high customization is required.

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